Artist statement

The loss of my dog Titan inspired the artist in me to be reborn. It had been more than a decade since I had abandoned art to pursue my career as an environmental, sustainability and wellness consultant. I had forgotten how much symbolism and beauty can exist within the four corners of a canvas. 

Titan was my little baby boy, my best friend, my soul mate.  I used to say he was part human and part dog, even though he was really part boxer and part pit bull.  Losing Titan to cancer after 13 and a half years together was one of the hardest things I’ve ever dealt with. After Titan died in 2010, I contemplated getting a tattoo to eternalize him, but I began painting with his ashes instead.  I look at the paintings and it’s so comforting to look into his eyes, knowing that his ashes and what’s left of Titan on this earth can still touch my soul.  The pain and emptiness are being replaced with warmth and smiles from thoughts of specific memories, but there will always be that little special space in my heart that belongs to only Titan. 

Since painting the “Titan is a Real Angel Now” series of four paintings below, I have starting painting other pieces of what I call “Eternal Art”. I paint animal ash paintings to help others with their loss and to assist their healing process. I also started incorporating oyster shells, wine corks, and other re-used, found and sentimental objects into my artwork. 

My art reflects my goals as a sustainability consultant through the creative reuse of objects that would otherwise likely be sent to landfills and through increasing awareness about sustainable efforts. My art also symbolizes my eternal bond with Titan and allows my soul to shine out love, comfort and peace for others to receive. Namaste.