The Ferret (departed 1997)

When my ferret Skitzo passed away in 1997, I had her cremated. I scattered some of her ashes at the lake down the street from my house, where we took her on a picnic or two. Several years later, the neighborhood association remodeled the park, cutting down the willow tree next to the lake, the tree which we had sprinkled with her ashes. I was thankful I still kept some of her ashes, for no particular reason at the time. I am now so glad I held on to some of Skitzo, as Deb's painting of her captures her essence perfectly! Inquisitive, comical, and even adorably evil at times, Skitzo was with me for only a few short years but she will have a place in my heart forever. And now I have a permanent memorial to keep her in my thoughts as I look at Deb's painting of Skitzo on my wall. Thank you so much, Deb!
- Aymi, Phoenix, AZ

Medium: Skitzo's ashes, acrylic paint
Size: 12"x12"